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If you have warts, particularly on your feet or ankles, rely on Endurance Foot and Ankle in Issaquah, Washington, for removal. Board-certified podiatric surgeon Christopher Jones, DPM, is undefeated against warts and gets consistently exceptional results with his approach to foot wart treatments. Call the office to schedule an appointment or book one online today.

Warts Q&A

What are warts?

Warts are tiny, grainy growths on your skin that often appear on your fingers, hands, toes, or feet. A virus causes warts, and they can spread from person to person or through shared surfaces. Treatment with Dr. Jones gets rid of warts on your toes and feet safely and effectively, reducing the risk of warts spreading to other parts of your body.

What do warts look like?

Warts often look like skin-colored, usually circular, raised growths on the surface of your skin. They may have a pattern of tiny black dots, which are clotted blood vessels, in their centers. Warts usually feel rough to the touch and can get larger over time when left untreated. 

Warts are embarrassing for many people, but fortunately, you don’t have to live with them. Endurance Foot and Ankle offers a variety of foot wart removal solutions to get rid of warts quickly and restore the appearance of your skin.

What are the risk factors for warts?

Anyone can get warts, but some factors boost your risk of developing them. Warts spread through skin contact or shared objects. They can spread from person to person or from one part of your body to another. Other risk factors include being a child or a young adult and having a weakened immune system.

Ways to reduce your chance of getting warts include avoiding direct contact with warts, not picking at warts, and not walking barefoot in locker rooms or other communal areas.

How are warts treated?

Once Dr. Jones has verified that you do have a wart, he will likely treat it with serial applications of a topical medicine, called Cantharone. This is a blistering agent that will help draw the wart out from the deeper layers of the skin and eventually remove the wart entirely. This may require several applications over the course of a few weeks, however, there is minimal pain involved with the procedure and it is very effective.

It is rare for a wart to not respond to the above treatment, but when this happens, Dr. Jones will likely advise surgical removal, which can be done via a simple in-office procedure with local anesthesia.

To learn more about the wart removal treatments available at Endurance Foot and Ankle, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.